The one where we all stayed at home

Hello and welcome to my new little space of the internet. How are we all feeling in these unprecedented times? Hanging in there I hope. Just thought I’d mention it so we can get it out the way first. And what better time to start something (this blog) which I’ve been putting off. But now we’re all stuck at home, might as well give it a go, right! Hopefully you’ve come here because you like books. If not you’ve come to the wrong place. But stick around long enough and I might be able to convince you that reading is cool! I hope to mix some of my favourite things – books, nature, photography and see what I can come up with.

I’ve not written anything of significance since my music journal on MySpace (whooooooo) It was called Rock It Writing, for anyone interested. And after reading this you may say, I’ve still not written anything of significance.

So, at the beginning of lockdown I was going to start yoga, learn a new language, write a novel, become a top baker of banana bread. Only joking. I don’t even like bananas. My main aim was NOT TO DIE. And if you’re reading this, bravo, we’re both winners here. But it did give me the opportunity to read more and power through my tbr list (to be read, for the uninitiated) Or so I thought.

Working from home since the middle of March, I no longer have a daily commute of 1.5 hours per day. Great, I could use all that extra time to read, I optimistically thought. Nah, I just have a longer lie in, in the morning and I took up an online game June’s Journey, where I am now upto level 145. Time well spent, I think you’ll agree. Concentration was also a joke. Turns out there’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you lose your reading mojo. It came to a head in May when I only read 980 pages over 3 books (I’m not judging here. 3 books is better than none. But as someone who up until now had been averaging 6.2 books per month, this was disappointing)

I kept plugging away and then thankfully I went on a run of 3 brilliant books – A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towles, A Hundred Million Years And A Day by Jean Baptiste Andrea and The Phone Box At The Edge Of The World by Laura Imai Messina. I got my mojo back.

The reason I read is to escape. And to travel. And to experience different cultures. Books ARE magical and take us to landscapes we never knew existed. During lockdown I’ve dined in the finest Russian restaurant with a charming Count, followed a cat around the streets of Tokyo, befriended a young Muslim woman and gorged on homemade bread on an Italian island.

Never stop reading. Never stop exploring and challenging yourself. We need it now more than ever.

5 thoughts on “The one where we all stayed at home”

  1. How wonderful, and well done Charline, you’ve done what you set out to achieve and got your blog off the ground. I look forward to reading lots of interesting stuff on bletheringaboutbooks!
    PS love the blog name x


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