Bring your own book

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Between The Covers – a programme about books, on BBC 2 every Friday night at 7.30. Expertly hosted by Sara Cox, she and four guests chat all things bookish. It’s like a cool, relaxed book club we’re all invited to. And I love that a TV show about books is on prime time telly.

In one part of the show, Sara asks her guests what book they have brought along as their favourite. And so far we’ve had answers ranging from The Iliad to Harry Potter. It’s also got me reaching for a pen as I take notes to add to my ever increasing TBR list. And it’s also got me thinking – which book would I choose? Some people say picking your favourite book is like picking your favourite child (something you shouldn’t do) Well, lucky for me, I don’t have kids.

I have many favourite books, but the one I ALWAYS come back to, like a comfort blanket or a warm hug, with the cracked spine and well thumbed browning pages is One Day by David Nicholls. And I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but to me it is everything. Some snobby readers may dismiss this as chick lit or rom com, but it is so much more than that.

I love the concept. We follow two very different people, Emma and Dexter on one day – the 15th July, for two decades. Emma and Dexter meet at university in Edinburgh and the book follows them on a twenty year journey of will they, won’t they. I love that we follow them and get to see them grow. Get to see all the good and bad points. The failed relationships, the changing careers. And we see their relationship change as things realistically do over time. It isn’t perfect, sometimes we don’t get the happy ending no matter how hard we try.

David Nicholls has such a knack of making real, relatable characters that you get emotionally invested in. I adore them and this book so much. Em and Dex are like friends to me and I laugh and cry no matter how many times I read this book.

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