Blethering about… bookmarks

Confession: I love a bookmark. I literally have hundreds. I see them as a little work of art you can hold in your hand. Plus, they’re practical at the same time. If you turn the corner of your book over to mark your page, I’m sorry, we can’t be friends, please leave and take your dog eared booked with you.

So when I saw Instagram posts featuring @resinbynatalie designs I knew I had to get one. Beautiful, original, one of a kind AND she even does book inspired bookmarks. That is the dream!!!

Castle Of Water by Dane Huckelbridge is not only a brilliant read, it is one of my favourite covers. Please do judge this book by the cover. It’s a beauty. Instantly I knew this was the cover I wanted to recreate. The only directions I gave Natalie were the colours, a yellow tassel and some gold flakes (can’t resist a little bit of bling) But the design was up to her and I was so excited to see what she would create. And I’m in love. The colours are PERFECT. It’s exactly what I was imagining. She kept me informed of the process, sending photos to see if I liked the product. She was super fast too. All in all, a brilliant experience. They would the perfect gift for that special bookworm in your life or just treat yourself, go on! I’m already thinking of my next design.